Whether you are in an early stage of development or have a fully commercial type approved ballast water management system, we can offer a wide range of services to help you develop your product and guide you through the different steps of R&D, approval or improvement.

We offer consultancy mainly, and not limited to, the following:

  • Design and evaluation of treatment technologies and BWM systems

  • Test set up for approval or R&D

  • Regulatory updates and overview

  • Market analysis

  • Basic and Final Approval applications

  • Type Approval applications

  • USCG approval process

  • EPA active substances approval process

  • Adapting the BWM system to the marine environment

  • HAZID and HAZOP workshops for evaluation of the BWM system

  • Design proposals for installation onboard ships and MOUs

  • GAP analysis to determine whether a system meets the USCG requirements

  • Contact with class, Independent Labs or Administrations


We have a large portfolio of projects executed onboard ships. This extensive work helped us gain a comprehensive experience in the installation and operation of BWM Systems. We can offer ship owners a wide range of services, including:

  • Turnkey retrofit solutions for BWM Systems including:

    • Feasibility studies onboard ships including 3D scanning and retrofit surveys

    • Engineering and design package including all necessary class drawings

    • Pre-fabrication for installation

    • Installation with riding crew or in shipyard

    • Supervision of installation work

    • Commissioning of installed BWM System

  • Market studies to find the most suitable BWMS through our BWMS Finder or through tailor-made solutions

  • Commissioning of BWMS that were installed at NB and not working properlym

  • Training courses for the crew, superintendents and on-shore management

  • Evaluation of BWM Systems short-listed for installation


Our BWM experts have extensive experience in presenting different topics related to BWM in international conferences and to all types of audience, be it technical water treatment experts, government officials, ship owners, crew or investors like banks and other shareholder institutes. We have also experience in setting up courses and training sessions for class and administration surveyors, ships’ crew and superintendents in understanding the BWM Convention, treatment techniques and best practices.


We have been involved in a large number of projects where we assist components makers for BWM Systems into evaluating suitability, design and approval. This includes:

  • Filtration systems

  • TRO meters

  • Ozone generators

  • Electrodes

  • UV lamps

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