BWM Review

5. April 2024

Multiple Independent Labs for Type Approval Testing of BWMS

24. September 2020

Important policy letter by the USCG for type approval of BWMS.

Statistics from Cyprus Flag om BWM implementation on their fleet

10. January 2020

This is a good overview from the Flag of Cyprus on what they have experienced for uptake of BWMS on their flagged fleet

Comments submitted by Mouawad Consulting to the USCG Draft Policy Letter on Viability Analysis

2. October 2019

This letter is a commentary response by Mouawad Consulting to the Draft Policy letter of the USCG, asking for explanations to why the USCG does not consider the MPN analysis method as a viable alternative to the currently approved staining techniques

USCG Draft Policy Letter open for comments

2. August 2019

This policy addresses how the USCG will conduct evaluations of viability assessment methods for 10-50um organisms in ballast water, during Type Approval testing of BWMS.

MPA publishes circular on commissioning testing of BWMS

4. July 2019

his circular is to inform the industry on the application of BWM.2/Circ.70 on “Guidance for the commissioning testing of ballast water management systems” for Singapore-registered ships (SRS).

VIDA - Updates and implementation

24. May 2019

This presentation summarises the latest updates and information we have on the VIDA. Please contact us if you require more detailed information related to areas of your concern.

Ballast Water Management Systems - Retrofit vs NB

5. March 2019

Our presentation during ACI´s 22nd BWM Conference in Singapore - February 2019

U.S. Ballast Water Management Requirements: Operational limitations in type approval testing

19. October 2018

The USCG published a formal guidance on how to verify operational limitations of BWMS when undergoing type approval testing


16. September 2018

Our China Office is now doubling commissioning and survey capacity with new colleagues and we are now fully suited for retrofit of scrubbers

Updated FAQ for Type Approval of BWMS

8. May 2018

Outcome of MEPC 72

17. April 2018

This is our report from the discussions at MEPC 72, related to Ballast Water Management

PRESS RELEASE - New office in Busan and Cooperation in Panama

3. April 2018

Outcome of IMO´s PPR 5

9. March 2018

This issue of our Newsletter summarises the outcome of the discussions at the IMO during PPR 5 in February 2018.

Updated ballast water management NVIC now available

5. March 2018

The USCG published a Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular 01-18, “Ballast Water Management For Control of Non-Indigenous Species in Waters of the United States.” The purpose of NVIC 01-18 is to inform maritime industry and Coast Guard personnel and provide guidance to ensure a more complete understanding of, and maximum compliance with, ballast water management requirements.

Statement by Golden Bear Facility about testing for USCG

27. February 2018

A long awaited statement by the Golden Bear Facility about testing for USCG Type Approval and a rebuttal of the claims of MERC published earlier.

Policy letter by the USCG for inoperable BWMS

16. February 2018

This is a Policy Letter issued by the USCG for possible actions ship owners can take when calling a US port, aiming to discharge ballast water and have an inoperable BWMS

2016 G8 Guidelines Type Approval Certificate for Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.2 BWMS

7. February 2018

Congratulations for Alfa Laval on this achievement. We need more 2016 G8 Guidelines Certificates issued.

Statement by GlobalTestNet on testing availability

5. February 2018

This statement by the GlobalTestNet addresses concerns of availability of testing facilities for type approval of BWMS.

What's on the agenda for PPR 5?

2. February 2018

Mouawad Consulting are advisors to the Norwegian Maritime Administration on issues related to Ballast Water Management.
This Newsletter gives an overview of the issues that are on the agenda for PPR, that are important for the BWM industry.

Temporal changes in phytoplankton biomass and cellular properties; implications for the IMO ballast water convention

31. January 2018

Interesting paper from Maria Cecilia Trindade de Castro and Marcel Veldhuis. Ballast Water Management is in sore need for more research based information to base IMO and USCG decisions on.

10 considerations for ship owners to comply with the Ballast Water Management Convention

29. January 2018

In this article, we list the 10 most important things to consider when complying with the BWM Convention.

DHI Singapore closes down land-based testing facility

25. January 2018

Citing testing challenges, DHI Singapore will continue testing for shipboard tests, but discontinue the land-based testing activities. This comes as MERC, another testing facility in the US, recently announced shutting down its testing activities

Biofouling regulations in California as of January 2018

2. January 2018

In summary, ships calling California must comply with the following:

- Biofouling Management Plan
- Biofouling Record Book
- Biofouling management of wetted surfaces and niche areas
- Requirements for vessels with extended residency periods

The new regulations apply for ships delivered on or after 1 January 2018 or for existing ships upon completion of the first regularly scheduled out-of-water maintenance on or after 1 January 2018

(Photo: Propulsion Dynamics Inc./Marine Photobank)

USCG BWM Series Compiled!

14. December 2017

The USCG published in November and December 2017 a series of 5 articles addressing their approach to the US Ballast Water Regulations. We decided to compile the 5 series into one publication so that our readers can benefit from the information in one place.


8. December 2017

A useful Marine Safety Advisory notice by the Marshall Islands referring to BWM.2/Circ.56. For a copy of the IMO circular, please send us a note (Image courtesy of

MERC will no longer conduct Type Approval Certification testing of BWMS

6. December 2017

Press Release from MERC, a USCG certified BWMS testing facility
Maritime Environmental Resource Center will no longer conduct Type Approval Certification testing of ballast water management systems

USCG Type Approval Certificate of Erma First BWMS

19. October 2017

Outcome of III 4

13. October 2017

IMO´s III 4 met from the 25-29 September 2017, with implementation of the BWM Convention on their agenda

Samsung´s Purimar BWMS becomes the 7th BWMS to apply for USCG Type Approval.

3. October 2017

USCG confirms that they have received the 7th Type Approval application from Samsung´s Purimar BWMS. The system is based on filtration + side-stream electrochlorination.

Implementation of new Coast Guard ballast water regulations doomed to fail

9. September 2017

Views by Dr. King on USCG Implementation of the Ballast Water Regulations

USCG announces guidance for US flagged vessels to comply with the BWM Convention

8. September 2017

The PDF of the guidance can be downloaded from our websites.

Mouawad Consulting launches free of charge services on our website!

8. September 2017

BWMS Finder helps you find the most suitable BWMS for your ships, while BWMS Cube offers filtering possibilities to find all the information you need on the available BWMS


4. September 2017

Mouawad Consulting AS, the leading provider of consultancy and engineering services related to Ballast Water Management onboard ships, recently signed several agreements for consultancy, commissioning on new built ships, re-commissioning of BWMS installed onboard ships and training, with several major ship owners.

USCG Type Approval Certificate of Ecochlor´s Ecochlor BWMS

11. August 2017

The USCG has published the type approval certificate of the Ecochlor BWMS, the fifth BWMS to receive the certification from the USCG

Report from MEPC 71

8. July 2017

This Newsletter summarises the issues discussed at MEPC 71. It also contains explanation on how the new implementation schedule of the D-2 standard will be

What´s on the agenda for MEPC 71?

2. July 2017

Mouawad Consulting are advisors to the Norwegian Maritime Administration on issues related to Ballast Water Management.
This Newsletter gives an overview of the issues that are on the agenda for MEPC, that are important for the BWM industry.

USCG revises the Type Approval certificate of SunRui´s BalClor BWMS

22. June 2017

The new certificate changes the language related to EX-proof equipment.

Singapore issues circular clarifying requirements for implementation of the BWM Convention

16. June 2017

Circular nr. 10 of 2017 explains the details of implementation of the BWMC

Five new states ratify the BWM Convention

12. June 2017

Australia, Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and UAE have recently ratified the BWM Convention, bringing the number of States party to the BWM Convention to 59, representing 65.18 % of the world's merchant fleet tonnage.


24. March 2017

USCG Type Approval Certificate of Optimarin´s Optimarin BS

15. March 2017

USCG Type Approval Certificate of OceanSaver's OceanSaver BWMS

15. March 2017

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